• 16 April, 2020
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Babies' skin is very sensitive. Therefore, care must be taken when washing babies' clothes.

We buy beautiful clothes for newborns. However, one important and important issue that we forget is washing baby clothes.

Wash your baby's clothes separately

Since babies' skin is sensitive to adults, more care should be taken. Therefore, it is better to wash only the baby clothes, except the clothes of adults, so that the clothes do not harm the baby's skin.

Never dress new clothes without washing them

Never dress the new clothes you bought for your baby without washing them and dry them in the open air after washing them. Then iron the clothes. Thus, you will prevent microbes from breaking. You should also remember to pay attention to washing your baby's clothes in the machine at 30-40 ° C.

Act on your baby's sensitive skin

Do not use bleach or similar detergents to avoid irritating your baby's skin. Prefer soap powders instead of specially produced detergents, as detergents with such chemical content will cause itching, redness and many side effects on your baby's skin. It is also important to cut the labels inside the clothes to protect your baby's sensitive skin. In this way, you ensure that your baby does not irritate the skin. Never use naphthalene and moth remedies when storing baby clothes. This is very harmful for your baby.

Don't keep the stained clothes on

Try to wash the stains on clothes without waiting too long. It will be more difficult to remove a dried stain. Drying in a place that is exposed to the sun after washing also ensures that the bacteria in the clothes are destroyed thanks to the sun rays. Be sure to store the dried laundry in a cool and dry place.


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