• 22 April, 2020
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It is to achieve a healthy, young and fresh look that everyone wants to achieve while wearing makeup. For this reason, we want our skin to appear brighter and our lips to look more colorful. But what makes you the healthiest is the reddened cheeks. Here blush is a must for women to look healthier.

What is blush?

In the past, women gently slapped their cheeks to look bloodier. In the 80's and 90's, we know that lipsticks are used as blush on the cheeks. So what does this blush do? It adds a happy and young expression to your face. Fried cheeks are one of the main indicators of being a healthy individual, so blush makes it easier to get a healthier look. Therefore, it can become a habit after using it once. It is mostly produced in natural colors such as pink, peach, rose, earthy tones.

What are the types of blush?

You can determine which color blush you should use according to your skin color. Blondes and fair-skinned people often prefer peach blushes, while wheat-skinned and brown hairs can turn to pink blushes. The use of blush in earth tones creates a very attractive effect for brunette women. If you are wondering which blush is better for me, you can choose the blush that you can use by browsing the blush types more easily. It can be produced in forms such as blush powder, liquid and stick.

Powder Blush: It is usually produced by compressing the powder blush and making it compact. It is mostly the type of blush that matte image lovers want to use. It is possible to get the best result by applying with chubby blush brushes.

Liquid Blush: Liquid blush is the form you can get the most natural look. Usually it will be enough to draw lines on your face with a brush like nail polish. Then you can distribute it with the help of a make-up sponge. Thus, you will be able to capture the natural look you want.

Stick Blush: Stick blush is a form that you can apply very easily without using any makeup apparatus. When you apply it directly to your face and spread it with your fingers, you will get a very effective and natural look.

How to apply blush?

The most important thing to consider when applying blush is to which area you put the blush on your face. Therefore, before applying the blush, smile to yourself in the mirror and start applying where your full cheekbones come out, whether it is a brush or a sponge blush, always move it up the temples. This will bring your face up and create a more pleasant look for you. To create a harmonious look on your face, lightly touch the blush on your brush to your forehead, nose belt and chin. Be sure to distribute and mix well because the sharp lines created by the blush can turn you from an attractive woman into a clown if you don't mix it too much. Mix it with your brush or sponge without getting bored. You can repeat the rouge process, starting with few products, until you get the look you want.

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