• 24 April, 2020
  • By Lalezone
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What precautions do we take at home when we are afraid of coronavirus? What are we doing to avoid stress but take action? I wanted to share with you what we care about at home. When we come from outside, we just need to wash our hands. In some houses, shoes were taken inside, while some could be worn outside with the pants. It was enough to close it with our hands. Now living everyday life has become completely different. We do not go out unless we have to, we stay at home, but sometimes we may have to go out. We also took measures regarding the fear of Covid-19. I call these “Home coronavirus measures”. What do we do when it comes to doing it? What are we doing at home? I would like to share with you. Maybe we can give each other ideas.

-I want to start by sorting the things we do as soon as we come home to the coronavirus and similar diseases. First of all, after washing our own hands as recommended, we pass clothes such as coats, etc., which cannot be washed continuously, through ironing steam. Then we hang it on the balcony and air it as much as possible.

-We reverse the clothes worn outside and especially in contact with the outside in the bathroom and immediately wash them in the machine. Items such as bags, wallets, key rings and mobile phones are also deleted.


-We do not take the shoes out of the door, but outside the house.

-We use washable cloth bags as the bags we use when going to the market. We do not use bags in the market.

-We definitely delete external packages. If you ask what is taken from the outside, we use a cloth moistened with cologne or a colonial tissue if what we received is small.

-When we order water for the demijohn, after dragging the demijohn to the kitchen, we wipe the places it passes with an ammonia cleaner.

-Of course, we use gloves in any cleaning we do. After the cargo package, water demijohn and similar items enter the house, we wipe it at the entrance of the door with a tissue paper or paper towel moistened with cologne. We open the package at the door entrance and immediately put it in the garbage bag and fasten the mouth of the bag. If we somehow did not wear gloves, we wash our hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, as told by healthcare professionals. Remember ... We do not neglect the care of the hands to protect the skin.

-As before, we do not use common towels since the epidemic entered our lives and we change our towels frequently and wash them at high temperatures.

-We keep our toothbrushes apart in the bathroom.

-We keep them all in separate places so that our water glasses do not mix in the kitchen.


-We wipe the door entrance, the cover and the handles of the coat hanger, the mirror if the fingers are touched, and every place that the hand touches when it comes from the outside with regular disinfectant solution. Vinegar is said to have more antibacterial properties, and ammonia and alcoholic cleaners are more effective on the virus.


-While doing all the cleanings, we take care not to risk our own health and to poison the air of the house. Instead of using exaggerated amounts, applying enough amount, not using the same cloth repeatedly, rinsing thoroughly, sterilizing the cloth after using it, sometimes throwing paper towels instead of cloth and throwing the mouth closed, and airing the house frequently, the points that need attention and attention ...


-Before applying any new information we hear, we check it against what experts say.

-The primary principle is to pay attention to all surfaces that the hands touch. We ensure that all packages coming from the outside are wiped with a cloth moistened with cologne or a tissue paper.

-We think protecting ourselves means protecting others. Although we do not show any symptoms and sneeze and cough, we have a safety distance of 1 meter.


-We say that if we have suggestions to remind employees who work outside and come to our door to bring a product to our home, to protect themselves. For example, if we see that when a cargo person arrives, he does not wear gloves, we can ask if he can wash his hands frequently. Both he and he touched the elevator doors and doorbells ... By the way, it is necessary to say a few things about gloves. It is said that the glove may even be more dangerous if it is not used properly. It is stated that he can transmit the virus more when he uses the same gloves over and over again. For this reason, experts remind that it is necessary to use it carefully. The reason for this is explained as follows: When removing the glove, the outside of the glove will most likely touch our hand. For this reason, it is important to wash your hands again correctly. Disposal of gloves should be done properly. If we see a deficiency in such matters, we report it to the employee or workplace. We do not forget that we are not experts and do not share information that we do not hear from the expert.

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