Here are just 8 reasons it's worth the time to try a new craft.

  • 27 December, 2019
  • By Lalezone
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Are you a painter who'd like to try knitting? Or a knitter who's curious about cake decorating? Sounds like you're try-curious. This is a good thing, and a strong indication that it's time to try out a new craft! 

Need a little convincing? Here are just 8 reasons it's worth the time to try a new craft.

1. Because you're curious. 

As crafters, we are curious people. We want to know how things work, and what the process is to get from here (the idea) to there (the finished product). It's only natural that you're curious about creating things beyond just the scope of your "primary" craft! So go ahead, satisfy your curiosity.

2. It will make you better at your primary craft.

Many crafters identify with one "primary" craft. Say that yours is pen & ink illustration. When you step out of the box and try something new, like knitting, it can actually improve your drawing skills.

For example, knitting might help you develop a new approach to layout and design. You'll increase hand-eye coordination, which can give you a steadier and more confident hand when drawing.

But this isn't the only category crossover that can offer these benefits. Even if the two don't seem related, a second craft will always bring something new to your other work.

3. It will keep your mind young.

Studies have shown that adopting new habits can have a positive effect on your brain health. It can help create new neural pathways, which can keep the mind nimble, flexible and prevent age-related deterioration. Simply trying something new will help, but really sticking with a new craft and exploring new techniques and ways to create will offer the greatest benefits. 

4. It can bring you out of a rut.

If you typically stick to a single style of crafting, you may from time to time experience a bit of a rut or the dreaded artist's block . Often, turning to a different activity or interest can offer an excellent opportunity to break out of your doldrums. The mental and physical stimulation of trying a new craft can enliven your creativity again.

5. It opens you up to a new social group.

Starting a new craft can open up new social avenues for you. It's not unusual for local communities to have meet-ups where crafters come together to create and connect.

Even if there's no physical meet up in your area, the online community for crafters is bustling, and there are online groups a-plenty where you can connect with like-minded creatives (including, of course, this very site!). This can be a fantastic way to stay motivated and to make new friends.

6. It's humbling (in a good way).

Maybe you've been working at a specific craft for a long time, and quite frankly, you're good at it. Starting a new craft might be humbling — in a good way — for you. 

Approaching a new activity forces you to adopt a beginner mindset, which can help you be more present and notice things more, and it prevents you from going into autopilot mode. It can serve as a powerful reminder that as much as we do know, there's always so much more to learn. This keeps things interesting for you, and it keeps you from becoming complacent. 

7. A new relaxation routine.

Call it "crafter's high" — that in-the-zone, meditative mode that you go into when you're truly immersed in a craft. You may find that a new craft can double your relaxation by offering different benefits.

For instance, if you're a cook, then you might have relaxing routine that involves trying out a new recipe (perhaps while enjoying a glass of wine). If you try watercolor painting, you might have the opportunity to queue up interesting podcasts to make part of that crafting and relaxation routine. More relaxation techniques are never a bad thing. 

8. It will make you happy

Crafting just feels good! Even if your results aren't exactly Pinterest-worthy, it's pretty much guaranteed that after a crafting session, you'll feel renewed, happy, and have a great sense of self accomplishment.

Bonus: You'll have great presents to give!

If you've been knitting since you were in middle school, chances are you've already given all of your friends  a hat or sweater. But if you take up cooking or baking, you can wow them with homemade preserves or cookies. This is one of the unexpected bonuses of trying a new craft! 

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