• 10 May, 2020
  • By Lalezone
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Although the flower looks like an easy job to look at, it is quite difficult. If you complain about the death of the flowers you look at in your home, you can make them live longer by applying this trick. Here are 6 important rules of flower care ...

Shows moisture levels

The humidity value in the environment where the house plants are in question is very important. For the season, you need to learn the flowers that are most suitable for your home. The condition is that tropical plants need more moisture. But if you live in a lower temperature, there are ways to get more moisture. For example, placing gravel in the bottom of the pot or putting the pot in a bowl full of water. Another option is to moisten the leaves with the spray bottle.

Excess irrigation and drainage

When they are over-watered or not drained regularly, the roots of the plants begin to rot. Stones and other drainage products can help keep the right balance. Allowing the soil to dry between irrigations also allows the flowers to last longer.


Light as much as water is essential for the life of a plant. Place your flowers in the daylight areas of your home. Depending on their type, they need direct sunlight or shade. If you put the low-light flowers in places with direct sunlight, the leaves will start to darken.

Fertilizers and pests

Adding too much fertilizer to your flowers will cause an impressive growth, but adding too much can make you change the pot and make it a center of attraction for pests, especially in the summer. A general rule for plants is to support 3 times with a soluble fertilizer during their growing periods, usually in spring and summer.


Choose your flowers wisely

If you are famous for killing houseplants, you can try turning to some easy-to-look species. For example, African violet and aloe vera require relatively low maintenance and do not require a tight watering schedule.


Do not change their places too often

Reorganizing your plants may be tempting to you, but like home pets, home flowers do not like to move much. When you find the corner where you can provide the most suitable light for him, you should not move the flower.


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