• 6 May, 2020
  • By Lalezone
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The Lion King (The Lion King, 1994)

Aslan Simba's experiences from childhood and turning into a king deeply affect not only the children in the 90s, but also everyone who watches. The unforgettable music of Hans Zimmer and Elton John adds a completely different spirit to the film.

Vol-İ (WALL-E, 2008)

This film, which transfers the love between the two robots to the big screen in the hottest way possible, is also a serious criticism about our consumption habits and environmental problems.

Inside Out (Inside Out, 2015)

Set in the “favorite” list of almost all viewers, as it entered the vision, the film tells how a little girl reacts to important changes in her life from the framework of Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness in a fun way.

Toy Story (Toy Story, 1995)

The film, which has reached the level of unforgettable for those who watch it with its sequels, has deeply influenced the productions that will come after offering great innovations in terms of animation technology.

Aladdin (1992)

One day, Princess Jasmine appears before Aladdin, who steals on the street and has no one other than her monkey friend. The film, which tells that true love will prevail in all rules, is also in mind with its fun scenes.

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