• 20 April, 2020
  • By Lalezone
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The millennium is experienced in 2020, the world order and system will change. Since the earth will be lightened, it will begin to spin faster and those who cannot hold will be blown away.
After the corona, the European Union dissolves and a new power emerges. It works by protecting the European calm and nobody attacks anyone. Iran, Iraq, civil war, not least in Europe, in countries like Turkey. Monetary system does not allow this, but there are many health and economic problems. There is a global economic problem in the world, but everything continues from where it left off.
As life returns to normal, developed countries will again focus on what measures to take if there is such a chemical or biological attack. While renewable energy is offered by western countries, fossil fuels will continue to be used by the Middle East block countries for decades and will continue. If there will be a war in the world, this is now gun, rifle, plane, drone, etc. will not be made with. These physical weapons will continue to be used in the civil wars of states in the Middle East. Kneeling a country will not be through a military operation but through biological weapons and economic sanctions. The world will gradually be shaped for superior race studies, and new systems will be invented that will gradually destroy the population they count as rotten apples.
Life will go on. The clash between whoever invented this virus and whoever harmed it will continue. What happens will be to billions of people who are oppressed and unaware of anything. This is the balance of nature; the strong one wins, the weak one is eliminated. Natural selection.
come to the end of Turkey's economy. The biggest source of income in the country is tourism. Since tourism that keeps the country alive will not be income this year, we will see its results clearly like September and October. There will be no money in the state safe, production will stop, unemployment will reach the highest level, people will go into pessimism in debt, psychology will deteriorate, some will go mad, some will steal, etc. The bad days are over, the worse days are just beginning. In fact, every crisis is an opportunity. There is a lot to learn from this crisis.
- The 14th century plague led to the rise of Western Europe.
Yellow fever accelerated America's growth and development.
- African cattle plague caused Europe to colonize Africa.
- The plague brought the end of the Ming dynasty in China.
The coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak significantly changes the way millions of people live worldwide, and most of these changes will be permanent.

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