• 12 June, 2020
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Ezgi Kasapoğlu gave hints about the 2020 summer season. Here are the tips that will make you look style in the summer of 2020 ...

Color of the season: Pastel shades

This season, we will also see vibrant tones with pastels. Pastel-toned lila, pink and orange yellow are quite trendy. If those who renew their closet prefer these colors, they will easily catch the trend looks of the summer. If we look at the pieces, crop balls, suits and shorts will come out again.

To make practical combinations ...

Pastel shades are trending but if you want to make a practical combination, you can start by choosing a color you like to wear or a piece you like to use. Collecting your favorite pieces slowly, creating a closet helps you determine your style. When combining with this method, you do not risk. Staying in a certain color scale makes the job quite easy. When you place similar shades or compatible pieces in your wardrobe, you can create a combination without much effort.

Tropical patterns are trending!

Geometric patterns are gradually replaced by exotic, tropical patterns. The global climate problem in the world has a big share here, and the designers address this issue. We will see exotic flowers, tropical patterns in ready-made clothing and accessories.

Use the clothes we wear tonight this season as well!

The distinction between day and night outfit has visibly decreased in recent years. This season, the designers have moved their underwear out. In the train, which started by carrying slip dresses to the street, when underwear, bra and corsets were added, an extremely bold appearance emerged. For some it may sound ambitious, but it is impossible not to see a style when the right pieces match. When you use bralets or ambitious pieces like this on a shirt or jacket, you get the most trending look of the season. However, of course, the clothes we prefer at night are heavier than the daytime clothes.

The most important thing you will use to complete a combination is: Accessories ...

It would be a savior to have timeless and indispensable parts in your closet. Pearls are coming out this season as well. Gold details, hair buckles that are trending in the 90s, and stony crowns are among the highlights of this season. Undoubtedly, the most risk-free gold ring earrings… If you have one at hand, you can activate even the most sporty combine.


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